CD BioGlyco Introduces New Polysaccharide Analysis Service to Accelerate Glycobiology Research

CD BioGlyco, a leading provider of innovative glycoscience solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art Polysaccharide Analysis Service. This cutting-edge service is specifically designed to empower researchers in the field of glycobiology by offering comprehensive analysis and characterization of polysaccharides.


Polysaccharides, complex carbohydrates found in living organisms, play a critical role in various biological processes, including cell communication, immune response, and disease development. Understanding the structure and function of polysaccharides is essential for advancing research in areas such as drug discovery, vaccine development, and biomaterial engineering.


CD BioGlyco's Polysaccharide Analysis Service utilizes advanced analytical techniques and cutting-edge equipment to provide researchers with detailed insights into the composition, structure, and properties of polysaccharides.


Polysaccharide structure analysis service

NMR/FT-IR/LC-MS supported structure characterization of polysaccharides

Polysaccharide metabolism kinetics analysis service

LC-MS/NMR/GC-MS supported targeted and non-targeted metabolomics research analysis services for polysaccharides.

Polysaccharide metabolism-related enzyme activity assay service

Analyze changes in synthesis and metabolic processes by measuring polysaccharide metabolism-related enzyme activities.


By leveraging these advanced techniques, CD BioGlyco's team of highly skilled scientists can determine the monosaccharide composition, glycosidic linkage patterns, branching structures, and molecular weight distribution of polysaccharides. This in-depth analysis enables researchers to gain a deeper understanding of the biological functions and therapeutic potential of these complex carbohydrates.


"We are excited to introduce our Polysaccharide Analysis Service, which will provide researchers with the tools they need to unlock the mysteries of polysaccharides and drive advancements in glycobiology," said Anna, one of the representative speakers from CD BioGlyco. "With our cutting-edge facilities and expertise in glycoscience, we are confident that our service will significantly contribute to the progress of glycobiology research worldwide."


In addition to the Polysaccharide Analysis Service, CD BioGlyco offers a comprehensive range of glycoscience solutions, including glycan synthesis, glycan array screening, and glycoprotein analysis. These services are designed to support researchers in their quest to unravel the role of glycans in various biological processes.


For more information about BioGlyco's Polysaccharide Analysis Service and other glycoscience solutions, please visit


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