Antibody Engineering

Antibody engineering describes the production of antibodies using in vitro or in vivo techniques. It allows the design of tailor-made antibodies to fit at best research or therapeutic indications.

Alpha Lifetech Inc. created a sheep hybridoma technology to produce stable and productive cell lines that secrete sheep monoclonal antibodies (SMAs) of very high affinity. Although sheep hybridoma is a heterogenous cell lines, this cell line can excrete the ultra-high affinity of ...Learn More

What is a Peptide? Peptides are a class of compounds with a molecular structure between amino acids and proteins, which are formed by binding one or more amino acids through peptide bonds in a certain order. Peptides are structural fragments that constitute proteins, as well as ...Learn More

Nature Advertorial See how transient gene expression in CHO cells can accelerate the development and manufacturing of antibody-based drugs

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This Ab handbook serves to provide a broad overview of the discovery process for generation of Ab-based therapeutics, while discussing basic concepts around Ab production. Discovery topics include target selection, target assessment & validation, screening, lead identification ...Learn More

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