Antibody Engineering

Antibody engineering describes the production of antibodies using in vitro or in vivo techniques. It allows the design of tailor-made antibodies to fit at best research or therapeutic indications.

Coupling drugs combine the precise targeting and potent killing properties, has become a widely recognized form of medication in recent years. Radioactive drug conjugates (RDCs), as a particular form of coupling drugs, are formed by combining radioactive isotopes with ...Learn More

In order to more effectively deliver chemotherapy drugs, Small Molecule Drug Conjugates (SMDC), Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC), and Degradation Antibody Conjugates (DAC) have been successively explored and developed, enhancing the therapeutic index while providing selective ...Learn More

In the intricate tapestry of modern medicine, nanobodies have emerged as transformative agents, offering a spectrum of applications that hold immense promise for diagnostics and therapeutics. At Alpha Lifetech, we are at the forefront of harnessing the potential of nanobodies, ...Learn More

In the ever-evolving landscape of biotechnology, the quest for innovative solutions has led researchers to explore novel avenues for discovering therapeutic approach. One such groundbreaking method that has revolutionized the field is the phage display technique, a cornerstone in ...Learn More

Nanobodies have emerged as microscopic heroes, wielding immense potential across various applications. These compact, single-domain antibody fragments have captivated the scientific community with their versatility and unique properties. As we embark on this journey into the world ...Learn More

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