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AxisPharm develops a broad range of cutting-edge tools and provide design/custom synthesis service for life science research including bioconjugation, diagnostics, biomaterials and therapeutic applications. As a chemistry technology company, AxisPharm has a team of highly skillful synthetic organic chemists with extensive experience in bioconjugate techniques and chemical biology research.Our featured products include peptide linkers, BCN, DBCO, tetrazine, TCO functionalized crosslinkers for ADC drug research and site specific molecular probes.AxisPharm Laboratories, the analytical service unit of AxisPharm, is specialized in mass spectrometry, HPLC separation, structure elucidation, and pre-clinic PK Studies. Our facility is currently equipped with numerous LC/MS systems, GC/MS, HPLC, Pre-HPLC, Orbitrap and a MALDI-TOF.For companies large and small, we offer comprehensive service unmatched by similar analytical departments, all at an affordable cost.

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PEG linkers, or polyethylene glycol linkers, are molecules used in chemical synthesis for linking two molecules or for attaching molecules to a solid support. In organic chemistry, linkers are often used in the synthesis of organic molecules, to add functionality or to increase ...Learn More

Cell staining is a technique used in microscopy to visualize and differentiate structures within cells. It involves the use of dyes or stains to selectively color specific parts of cells or tissues, allowing researchers to study the structure and function of cells in greater ...Learn More

Bioanalysis at all stages of drug development and API and metabolite analysis in various biological matrices-Method development-Method validation-Method transfer-Early discovery bioanalysis (non-GLP)-Sample Analysis-Discovery PK studies-Toxicokinetic studies-Pharmacology ...Learn More

APDye Fluor 647 is structurally similar to Alexa Fluor 647(AF647), and spectrally is almost identical to Cy5 Dye, Alexa Fluor 647, CF 647 Dye, or any other Cyanine5 based fluorescent dyes. APDye Fluor 647 is a bright green-fluorescent dye optimal for use with the 633, 650 nm Argon ...Learn More

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