Winners Announced of Membrane Protein Extraction Campaign

Dr. Bankala Krishnarjuna’s team recently published an article titled “Detergent-free extraction, reconstitution and characterization of membrane-anchored cytochrome-b5 in native lipids” in Chemical Communications, introducing an improved method for membrane protein extraction without destabilizing protein structures (Chemical Communications, 2020). In this study, the researchers demonstrated the feasibility of a direct extraction of a B16 kDa cytochrome-b5 from E. coli using a synthetic styrene-co-maleic acid-ethanolamine (SMA-EA) polymer and reconstituting the cytochrome-b5 protein  in polymer nanodiscs along with native lipids from E. coli.

With the help of Dr. Bankala Krishnarjuna, MolecularCloud also initiated a reward-winning campaign for this specific topic "Membrane Protein Extraction", which attracted 63 participants and have been discussed by 24 users, 2 among which with the first perfect quiz score or the best comment have won the reward. 

Winners of the Membrane Protein Extraction Campaign

Congratulations to our winners! Each of the winners can choose one of the following gifts (a canvas bag, hoodie or $20 Amazon gift card):

The correct answers for the quiz are as follows:
Q1: How many membrane protein structures have been reported in the Protein Data Bank? (1 mark)  

A1: <3% of all reported protein structures

Q2: Is it possible to extract and identify the native lipids associated with a specific membrane protein in the cell membrane? (2 marks)  

A2: Yes

Q3: Which of the following can achieve 100% detergent-free extraction of membrane proteins? (3 marks)

A3: Synthetic polymers

Q4: Are the membrane proteins extracted using synthetic polymers suitable for high-resolution structural studies by NMR spectroscopy? (4 marks)

A4: Yes

Q5: Is the charge of the polymer used a limitation for achieving a successful membrane protein extraction and reconstitution?  (5 marks) 
A5: Yes

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