What are the leading companies in synthetic biology?

Here is the List of Leading Companies in Synthetic Biology


Ginkgo bioworks

Tom Knight
This company uses synthetic biology design custom organisms for customers across multiple markets
Thermo Fisher Scientific
George N. Hatsopoulos
Their synthetic biology services include workflow around the gene of interest—from the identification of potential target genes by library construction to creating, modelling or engineering cell lines, optimization of protein expression and more
Joseph Nathan
GSK pursue novel Synthetic Biology approaches over more traditional ‘tried and tested’ alternatives
Henrik Meyer
This company used Synthetic Biology, metabolic engineering to genetically modify bacteria to produce highly valuable biochemicals for pharma, materials, and food, among other industries.
Fangliang Zhang
GenScript has an unparalleled record of synthesizing long genes and genes with complex secondary structures. Their Service makes any synthetic biology research easier, faster, and risk-free.
Alec Nielsen
Develops Mammalian synthetic biology - cells engineered as biosensors that also produce or trigger the production of therapeutic proteins.


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