Helping Your Research with Naïve Phage Display Library Panning

Alpha Lifetech Inc., with its expertise in naïve phage display library panning construction technology, is dedicated to providing high-quality results to support your research needs. Our advanced approach to library construction and panning ensures that researchers can rely on their services for cutting-edge solutions in various scientific applications.


Introduction to Naïve Phage Display Library Panning Construction


A naïve phage display library is a diverse collection of phage particles, each displaying a unique peptide or protein sequence on its surface. The library is generated by randomizing the DNA sequence encoding the displayed protein or peptide, resulting in a vast number of potential binding candidates.

The preparation of a naïve library does not differ significantly from an immune library. A key point is to select the raw materials used to construct the library. To construct a suitable naïve phage display library, peripheral blood lymphocytes collected from nonimmunized animals are used for mRNA extraction. Owing to the lack of somatic maturation stimulated in vivo by the immunization process, such a library theoretically should contain a larger number of independent clones (~109) and the greatest genetic diversity to allow the retrieval of high specificity and affinity binders to a given antigen.

Currently, Alpha Lifetech Inc. has the following naïve antibody libraries for panning or in development:

-- Naïve Llama Nanobody Phage Library

-- Naïve Alpaca Nanobody Phage Library

-- Naïve Camel Nanobody Phage Library

-- Naïve Rabbit ScFv Phage Library

The panning construction of Naïve phage display library is a versatile and powerful technique, which has significantly contributed to the advancement of various fields, including drug discovery, diagnostics, and the study of protein-protein interactions. This technology has become an essential tool for researchers all over the world.


Critical Benefits


High-quality libraries: the advanced construction technology of Alpha Lifetech Inc. has produced high-quality naïve phage display libraries with a diverse range of peptides or antibody fragments. This diversity is crucial for successful target identification and validation in various research applications.

Optimized panning strategies: Our expertise in library panning ensures the development of optimized strategies tailored to individual research needs. This increases the likelihood of identifying high-affinity binders for target molecules, accelerating the processes of drug discovery and development.

High-throughput screening: Alpha Lifetech Inc. employs high-throughput screening methods to efficiently identify target-binding peptides or antibodies from their naïve phage display libraries. This enables researchers to obtain valuable insights and make informed project decisions quickly.

Technical support: We provide comprehensive technical support to researchers and guide them through the process of library construction, panning, and screening. This ensures that clients receive the best results to meet their research needs.




Alpha Lifetech Inc.'s expertise in naïve phage display library panning construction technology guarantees reliable and high-quality results, making them a trusted partner for researchers seeking innovative solutions in drug discovery and other scientific applications. For additional information, feel free to get in touch with us, and our technical support team will promptly respond to your inquiry.


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