Antibody Affinity Maturation

Alpha Lifetech Inc. can offer the antibody affinity maturation service by using mutation and selection technologies. We usually use scFv as the antibody format in the processes of affinity maturation service and a monovalent display phagemid system which has been used to reduce the avidity effects during antigen-binding screening.  Our professional team can provide affinity maturation services for single-domain antibodies as well.
Key features of our antibody affinity maturation service include:
1. Rational design and targeted mutagenesis: Utilizing computational modeling and sequence analysis. 
2. Advanced display technologies: We offer a range of display systems, including phage, yeast, and mammalian display, to ensure optimal selection of high-affinity antibody variants.   
3. High-throughput screening and selection: Our high-throughput screening platforms enable us to rapidly assess the binding properties of thousands of antibody variants, allowing us to identify and select those with the highest affinity and specificity.   
4. Comprehensive characterization and validation: We provide a thorough characterization of the selected antibody variants, including affinity measurements, epitope mapping, and functional assays, to ensure optimal performance in your intended application.   
5. Expert technical support and customer service: Our team of experienced scientists is available to provide guidance and support throughout the antibody affinity maturation process, from project design to data analysis.   
By choosing Alpha Lifetech Inc. for your antibody affinity maturation needs, you can expect: 
- Enhanced antibody performance with improved affinity and specificity
- A tailored approach to meet your unique project requirements
- Competitive pricing and fast turnaround times
- High-quality technic


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