Alpha Lifetech: Your Premier Source for High-Quality Membrane Protein Products

Membrane proteins (MPs) are located in cellular and organellular membranes and the external layers of enveloped viruses. MPs have structural and functional roles that include energy metabolism, signal transduction, transport, the immune response, and many enzymatic processes.

Membrane proteins play a crucial role in numerous biological processes, making them essential for understanding cellular functions and as targets for drug discovery. Alpha Lifetech is committed to providing high-quality membrane protein products for researchers and scientists worldwide.

Our expert team of scientists at Alpha Lifetech utilizes advanced expression, purification, and characterization techniques to produce a comprehensive range of membrane protein products, including G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and ion channels. We offer native and recombinant membrane proteins from various species and expression systems.

By choosing Alpha Lifetech Inc. as your provider of high-quality membrane protein products, you can expect the following:

·Consistent and reliable performance

·Competitive pricing and fast turnaround times

·High-quality technical support and customer service

Whether you're investigating the structure and function of membrane proteins, developing therapeutics targeting membrane proteins, or exploring new applications for membrane proteins in biotechnology, Alpha Lifetech Inc. is your trusted partner for exceptional membrane protein products that will help you achieve your research goals.


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