Alpha Lifetech Inc.: Custom Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Service

Alpha Lifetech Inc. can provide quality assured custom polyclonal antibody (pAbs) services including the customized protocol for rabbit immunization, serum-collection and titer analysis for rabbit antibody production, plus extension possibilities.

Key Features:

- Custom antigen design and synthesis

- High-quality rabbit immunization and antibody production

- Comprehensive quality control and validation

- Competitive pricing and fast turnaround time

- Expert technical support and customer service

Service Workflow:

1. Antigen design and synthesis: Our team will work with you to design and synthesize the optimal antigen for your target protein or peptide.

2. Immunization: We will immunize rabbits with the synthesized antigen to generate a strong immune response.

3. Antibody production: After immunization, we will collect serum from the rabbits and purify the polyclonal antibodies.

4. Quality control and validation: We will perform stringent quality control tests and validate the specificity and sensitivity of the antibodies.

5. Delivery: Once the antibodies have passed our quality control tests, we will deliver them to you along with a comprehensive report.


- Western blotting

- Immunohistochemistry

- Immunofluorescence


- Immunoprecipitation

- Flow cytometry

And more For more information about our custom rabbit polyclonal antibody service, please [contact us] or visit our [website].


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