A Brief Overview of Animal Primary Cells

The animal cell model is an alternative for the in vivo study of cell biology. As models for human systems, researchers can use animal cells to assess new treatments prior to applying the results of this research to humans. Animal primary cell cultivation can be used in a variety of fields, from basic research to advanced research.

1.Investigation of fundamental cell biology, cell cycle mechanisms, cell functions, cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions.

2.Toxicity tests for the study of the effects of novel chemical or biological products.

3.Production of vaccinations, monoclonal antibodies and viruses.

Animal primary cells are isolated directly from healthy or diseased tissue via an enzymatic, chemical, or mechanical process. The cells obtained from animals can be divided into two different types: adhesion and suspension. The adhering cells are grown as monolayers which are attached to the substrate. Suspension cells (or anchorage independent cells) are grown in a floating liquid environment with the advantages of faster growth and easier maintenance.

These cells may be derived from the kidney, liver, skin or other organ of the animal. When these cells are removed from the environment in vivo, they are placed in an artificial (in vitro) environment for propagation. This involves making sure that the cells are nourished with the essential amino acids, vitamins, serum and glucose necessary for proper growth.

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