Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is one of the most specific and straightforward assays for detecting biomolecules. It is an exceptionally powerful and versatile technique. This document covers the various ELISA methods most commonly available on the market, and discusses the differences among them. If you would like to know if an ELISA method is the appropriate one for your research, please refer to this article.

Advantages and disadvantages of different methods of ELISA

1. Direct ELISA


■ Rapid

■ Secondary antibody cross-reactivity eliminated


■ Low sensitivity

■ Specific antibody for each ELISA

■ Time-consuming and expensive

2. Indirect ELISA


■ High sensitivity

■ Cost-saving

■ Flexible; can use many primary antibodies


■ Risk of cross-reactivity between secondary antibodies

3. Sandwich ELISA


■Minimal sample purification needed

■High sensitivity and specificity


■ Must use “matched pair” primary and secondary antibodies

■ Time consuming and expensive

4. Competitive ELISA


■ Minimal sample purification needed

■ Used to measure large range of antigens in a sample

■ Used for small antigens

■ Low variability


■ Low specificity so cannot be used in dilute samples

ELISA is a fast, simple and powerful method compared to other common proteomic techniques. We hope this document can give you an overview of the different commercially available ELISA options, and help you decide if ELISA is the right method for your intended study.

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