Luis María Vaschetto

Dr. Vaschetto received his Doctorate in Biological Sciences from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina). He was a postdoctoral researcher at the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas (CONICET) and a Research Associate at the South Dakota State University (SDSU). His research focuses on understanding the epigenetic mechanisms involved in plant and animal development, as well as their effects on human health and diseases.

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In organisms distantly related, regulation of gene expression involves the same epigenetic mechanisms acting on different biological processes. Molecular analysis of genomic imprinting, an epigenetic phenomenon observed in plant and animal species, highlights that not only this ...Learn More

For over 35 years, biological scientists have come to rely on the research protocols and methodologies in the critically acclaimed Methods in Molecular Biology series. The series was the first to introduce the step-by-step protocols approach that has become the standard in all ...Learn More

Small non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) are key regulators of gene expression that function at both transcriptional and posttranscriptional levels by binding to complementary sequences. In mammalian germline cells, short ncRNAs known as PIWI-interacting RNAs (piRNAs) were found to be ...Learn More

I’m glad to join the Cloud Scientist Community! I‘m Luis Maria Vaschetto, a researcher from Córdoba, Argentina. I have expertise in epigenetics, genomics, RNA biology and phylogeography. I'm an enthusiast trying to learn more about epigenetic mechanisms that have a ...Learn More

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