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It's always a great time when you drinks cold water after a long-distance running or an intense basketball game, and the first wave of coolness always comes from your teeth. But how can they feel cold? A recent study in Science Advances shows that a protein of odontoblast is ...Learn More

For most of the past four decades, it was considered that there were only two T cell lineages, αβ and γδ T cells, characterized by their cell surface expressed αβ and γδ TCRs, respectively. However, recently, biologists have found a previously unknown lineage, called γµ ...Learn More

Most COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms are often separated from their families and the image of doctors and nurses in complete protective gear could elicit fear in some of them even after the treatment. Researchers now find that one third of COVID-19 survivors are facing ...Learn More

The reason why chemotherapy is so effective at eliminating cancer cells is because it focuses on all cells. What if we could target chemotherapy to cancer cells and spare the healthy cells? Scientists are developing a highly targeted medicine with this exact mechanism – called ...Learn More

mRNA vaccines have potential to end the COVID-19 pandemic. How do they work? Are they safe? And how could they've been developed so quickly? Watch this short video answering all these questions you may be interested.

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