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Clarivate, a Philadelphia and London-based company, yesterday announced 24 new Citation laureates (5 in physiology or medicine). Clarivate Citation laureates are normally considered potential Nobel contenders as 54 Citation Laureates since 2002 to date have gone on further to be ...Learn More

Targeted therapy refers to a type of cancer treatment that utilizes designed proteins to precisely target cancer-related molecules, thus controlling the growth, division and spread of cancer cells. Those proteins used in targeted therapy can range from small molecules that can ...Learn More

A SARS-CoV-2 particle enters a person's nose or mouth and floats in the airway until it brushes against a lung cell that has an ACE2 receptor on the surface. The virus binds to that cell, slips inside and uses the cell's machinery to help make copies of itself. They break out, ...Learn More

Francois Jacob and Jacques Monod are two of the pioneers of synthetic biology. They found the existence of regulatory circuits that underpin the response of a cell to its environment in 1961 and promoted the first synthetic biology publication that enabled scientists to assemble ...Learn More

The world has been hard-hit by COIVD-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 since the end of last year. To date, due to the swift spread of the virus, 16,882,529 confirmed cases have been reported within 8 months, the number is much bigger than that of SARS (8090 cases) in 2003. Why ...Learn More

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