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This webinar introduces a novel capture resin that can be used to capture and purify target proteins via fusion to a 35 amino acid tag.The captured protein can be washed at pH 8.5 or higher, where the cleavage reaction is suppressed, and then rapid cleaving can be induced by a pH ...Learn More

Nanotechnology and personalized medicine are combined to provide hope for those suffering from cancer. Learn how Prof. Avi Schroeder and his team in the Laboratory for Targeted Drug Delivery and Personalized Medicine Technologies in the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering at ...Learn More

Nanotechnology is the future of all technologies. it is a platform that includes biology, electronics, chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering. Although nanotechnology is the study of ultra-small structures, it not simply about making things smaller for the sake of ...Learn More

The dramatic success of two COVID-19 vaccines in clinical trials last month marked a triumph for a previously unproven medical technology. The vaccines, one of which was authorized for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration last week, rely on the genetic ...Learn More

Researchers led by the University of Tsukuba recently published a paper in Nature, demonstrating that Target-AID (target activation-induced cytidine deaminase) gene editing technology can be used to simultaneously introduce single-base changes into multiple genes in tomatoes. ...Learn More

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