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CD Formulation, an expert in the pharmaceutical research and development field, has announced the expansion of its comprehensive pharmacological services to support the burgeoning sector of veterinary drugs. The move is poised to elevate the standard and efficacy of veterinary ...Learn More

In the ever-evolving landscape of biomedical research and public health, CD Formulation has emerged as a crucial player offering comprehensive antiserum preparation services. This innovative company supports projects from conception to product launch, making significant strides in ...Learn More

CD Formulation is making waves in the pharmaceutical industry with its innovative drug delivery technologies. With a focus on sustained and controlled release formulations, as well as liquid, semi-solid, injectable, and nanoformulations, CD Formulation is at the forefront of the ...Learn More

The field of pharmaceuticals has seen rapid advancements in drug delivery technologies in recent years, one of which is long-lasting controlled-release microspheres technology. This technology involves the use of microscopic particles to deliver drugs in a controlled and sustained ...Learn More

The purpose of formulation development is to ensure that the drug is safe, effective, stable, and convenient to use. If the dosage form is improperly selected and if the formulation and process design are unreasonable, it will have a certain impact on the quality of the drug, and ...Learn More

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