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CRISPR has proven to be a highly versatile tool for gene editing with tremendous potential in a wide range of problems such as gene therapy, drug discovery, and genetic modification in plant technology. However, the accuracy and reliability of the CRISPR technology are severely ...Learn More

What criteria will determine an ethical use of human genome editing? The ethical and regulatory considerations posed by genome-editing research using human embryos in the laboratory have been explored in the past: the moral status of the embryo, the acceptability of making ...Learn More

What are the most promising (potential) uses of the CRISPR technology? The CRISPR-Cas9 complex has revolutionized genomic research because of its very consistent approach for identifying and cutting specific sections of DNA. This complex is made from a Cas9 protein which cuts DNA ...Learn More

How does genome editing work? What is genome editing and CRISPR/Cas9? The earliest method scientists used to edit genomes in living cells was homologous recombination. Homologous recombination is the exchange (recombination) of genetic information between two similar (homologous) ...Learn More

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