Free Tool Box

A tool box of frequently used bioinformatics tools, to assist your daily design work, including qPCR primer and probe design, DNA construct design, gRNA design and codon optimization.

Neoantigens are a series of immunogenic peptides derived from tumor-specific mutations. ...Learn More

GenCRISPR gRNA design tool is a free online tool to design individual gRNA and gRNA library. ...Learn More

This online tool helps you to design primers and probes for your Real-time PCR (TaqMan) experiments. ...Learn More

This tool calculates melting temperature (Tm), molecular weight (MW), Millimolar Extinction Coeff (OD/μmol, μg/OD) for oligos ...Learn More

This online tool designs PCR primers for you. ...Learn More

This online primer design tool helps you to design primers for sequencing. You can customize the approximate distance between sequencing primers and the Tm (melting temperature) range. ...Learn More

GenSmart Optimization is a free online tool for performing codon optimization to improve gene expression. GenScript’s patented algorithms are integrated into the tool to optimize the computing capability of high-performance sequence generation. ...Learn More

Codon usage plays a crucial role when recombinant proteins are expressed in different organisms. This is especially the case if the codon usage frequency of the organism of origin and the target host organism differ significantly. ...Learn More

This online tool shows commonly used genetic codon frequency table in expression host organisms including Escherichia coli and other common host organisms. ...Learn More

This online tool shows standard genetic code, and also genetic codes for vertebrate mitochondrial, invertebrate mitochondrial, and other lower animals mitochondria or nuclear. ...Learn More

GenSmart™ Free DNA Construct Design Tool ...Learn More

GenScript is proud to offer free online access to our gRNA sequence design tool, developed by the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. Our gRNA design tool will identify single guide RNAs for use with wild-type S. pyogenes Cas9 for any DNA sequence you input. Start your gRNA design project by entering a sequence up to 250bp in length below. ...Learn More

sgRNA designed on-demand for any DNA sequence you input. algorithm developed and validated by Feng Zhang lab, Broad Institute ...Learn More

To facilitate your research using CRISPR technology, GenScript provides genome-wide databases containing pre-validated gRNA sequences design by the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. ...Learn More

Gene Mutagenesis Designer is developed to make your design of point DNA mutagenesis straightforward to facilitate gene mutation. ...Learn More

PSORT was the first, widely used program for predicting protein subcellular localization sites in Gram negative bacteria. ...Learn More

WoLF PSORT is an extension of the PSORT II program for protein subcellular localization prediction, which is based on the PSORT principle. ...Learn More