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Pyrrolobenzodiazepines (PBDs) are a class of anti-tumor antibiotics, including the naturally occurring anthramycins, siberomycins, chromanamycins, neomycins, and DC-81. They selectively bind to the 5'-purine-guanine-purine sequence DNA minor groove and form a covalent bond with ...Learn More

When parts or the whole of certain tissues or organs fail, there are several options for treatment, including repair, replacement with a synthetic or natural substitute, or regeneration. The fabrication of cell scaffold with hydrogel that derived from natural polymer materials is ...Learn More

Modern healthcare would not be possible without the usage of many polymer-based medical products. Many things we take for granted such as exam gloves, syringes, intravenous (IV) blood bags and even most artificial organs, etc. are all made of polymers. Due to their unique ...Learn More

Coumarin, also known as bisfuran cyclooxaphthalone, is a lactone compound widely found in Rutaceae and Umbelliferae. Coumarin is a general term for a class of natural products with a benzo-αpyrone structure, which is widely used in medicine, fragrance, dyes, instrument analysis, ...Learn More

BOC Sciences offers top-notch polymer stability analysis services as a seasoned provider of chemical and biotechnology services. Customers that use our services will be able to better understand how stabilizers work in polymer materials, optimize the manufacture of polymers, and ...Learn More

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