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Repid screening by strain
Catalog No Plasmid Name Species Cloud Scientist Vote
MC_0000001 pRed_Cas9_recA_∆poxb300 free E. coli Changhao Bi 179
MC_0000472 pCMV-dCpf1-BE0 free Mammalian Jia Chen 124
MC_0068761 pVS1-VIR2 free Plant Qijun Chen 74
MC_0009969 pHSP02 free Lactobacillus brevis Sheng Yang 64
MC_0000614 pLCx-dCas9 free Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 56
MC_0068784 pGreen3-iC Plant Qijun Chen 53
MC_0000259 pCAGO free E. coli Changhao Bi 52
MC_0000478 pLb-Cpf1-pGL3-U6-sgRNA Mammalian Jia Chen 52
MC_0000018 pJYS2cm_crtYf free C. glutamitum Sheng Yang 51
MC_0000013 pCAS1yl-trp Yarrowia lipolytica Sheng Yang 49
MC_0000260 pEditing_cassette E. coli Changhao Bi 42
MC_0000261 pCAS-RK2T Pseudomonas Putida Sheng Yang 41
MC_0009972 pKCCpf1 Streptomyces Weihong Jiang 41
MC_0009971 pKCCas9dO Streptomyces Weihong Jiang 39
MC_0000477 pCMV-eBE-S3 Mammalian Jia Chen 31
MC_0068794 pG4GB411-BWM Plant Qijun Chen 29
MC_0000272 MYL-2 sgRNA human Sean Wu 27
MC_0009975 pSET-dCas9-actII-4-NT-S1 Streptomyces Weihong Jiang 24
MC_0050874 pLQ-KO-tgt-50bp Staphylococcus aureus Sheng Yang 19
MC_0000781 pSU-araC-Cas9 E. coli Sheng Yang 18
MC_0068762 pVS1-SAH2 Plant Qijun Chen 18
MC_0000601 pBBR1-Cas9 Ralstonia eutropha H16 Changhao Bi 17
MC_0068763 pG3GB411-BWM Plant Qijun Chen 17
MC_0000448 pCasSA Staphylococcus aureus Quanjiang Ji 16
MC_0000778 pC1300-UBI:Cas9 Rice Kejian Wang 16
MC_0068785 pGreen3-iF Plant Qijun Chen 14
MC_0000783 pHUN600-polyA-SpR Rice Pengcheng Wei 13
MC_0000719 pCasPA Pseudomonas aeruginosa Quanjiang Ji 12
MC_0000474 pCMV-dCpf1-BE-YE Mammalian Jia Chen 11
MC_0000011 pCas E. coli Sheng Yang 10
MC_0000012 pTargetF E. coli Sheng Yang 10
MC_0000588 pKR193 Yeast Kevin Roy 10
MC_0000255 pHE34 Arabidopsis Qijun Chen 9
MC_0000002 pRed_Cas9_∆poxB300 E. coli Changhao Bi 8
MC_0000482 pCMV-dCpf1-eBE-YE Mammalian Jia Chen 8
MC_0000542 pSBY3_ligD-HygR Mycobacterium smegmatis Sheng Yang 8
MC_0004941 pKSE401 Plant Qijun Chen 8
MC_0068775 pGB411-BWM Plant Qijun Chen 8
MC_0000019 pJYS2_crtYf  C. glutamitum Sheng Yang 7
MC_0000244 pLCNICK Lactobacillus casei Sheng Yang 7
MC_0000262 pSEVA-gRic6T Pseudomonas Putida Sheng Yang 7
MC_0000616 psgt Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 7
MC_0000476 pCMV-eBE-S1 Mammalian Jia Chen 6
MC_0000014 pNICKclos1.0 Clostridium acetobutylicum Sheng Yang 5
MC_0000020 pJYS1Ptac  C. glutamitum Sheng Yang 5
MC_0000294 pYES2-gRNA-hyg-MCS Saccharomyces cerevisiae Sheng Yang 5
MC_0000479 pUGI-NLS Mammalian Jia Chen 5
MC_0000273 SLN sgRNA human Sean Wu 5
MC_0002802 pHSE401 Plant Qijun Chen 5
MC_0009968 pLH02 Lactobacillus brevis Sheng Yang 5
MC_0000615 psga Bacillus subtilis Yaokang Wu(武耀康) 4
MC_0000003 pREDIA E. coli Sheng Yang 3
MC_0000263 pCAS-ZE3 Pseudomonas Putida Sheng Yang 3
MC_0000473 pCMV-dCpf1-BE Mammalian Jia Chen 3
MC_0000480 pCMV-dCpf1-eBE Mammalian Jia Chen 3
MC_0000600 pCAS2yl-pex Yarrowia lipolytica Sheng Yang 3
MC_0009967 pLH01 Lactobacillus brevis Sheng Yang 3
MC_0000015 pdCASclos Clostridium acetobutylicum Sheng Yang 2
MC_0000016 pNICKclos2.0 Clostridium acetobutylicum Sheng Yang 2
MC_0000017 pJYS3_ΔcrtYf  C. glutamitum Sheng Yang 2
MC_0000021 pJYS1Peftu C. glutamitum Sheng Yang 2
MC_0000026 pJYS2.1-crtYf C. glutamitum Sheng Yang 2
MC_0010000 pCBEclos-cbei2385-g2-opt Clostridium beijerinckii Sheng Yang 2
MC_0000006 pREDTKI E. coli Sheng Yang 1
MC_0000293 pHCas9-Nours Saccharomyces cerevisiae Sheng Yang 1
MC_0068777 pG411BMZ Plant Qijun Chen 1
MC_0000251 pHE3 Arabidopsis Qijun Chen 0
MC_0000252 pHE31 Arabidopsis Qijun Chen 0
MC_0000253 pHE32 Arabidopsis Qijun Chen 0
MC_0000254 pHE33 Arabidopsis Qijun Chen 0
MC_0000256 pHME3 Arabidopsis Qijun Chen 0
MC_0000257 pCBC-DT1T2e Arabidopsis Qijun Chen 0
MC_0000258 pCBC-sgRtM Arabidopsis Qijun Chen 0
MC_0000447 pLQ-kO-tgt S. aureus Sheng Yang 0
MC_0000475 pST1374-Lb-Cpf1-NLS Mammalian Jia Chen 0
MC_0000481 pCMV-dCpf1-BE-YEE Mammalian Jia Chen 0
MC_0000539 pSBY1_FnCpf1cg Mycobacterium smegmatis Sheng Yang 0
MC_0000540 pSBY2_ligD(FnCpf1) Mycobacterium smegmatis Sheng Yang 0
MC_0000541 pSBY3_ligD Mycobacterium smegmatis Sheng Yang 0
MC_0000720 pACRISPR Pseudomonas aeruginosa Quanjiang Ji 0
MC_0000721 pnCasPA-BEC Pseudomonas aeruginosa Quanjiang Ji 0
MC_0000779 SKm-gRNA Rice Kejian Wang 0
MC_0000780 pC1300-UBI:VQR Rice Kejian Wang 0
MC_0000784 pHUN911-KKH  Plant Pengcheng Wei 0
MC_0000785 pHUN911-KKH-BE3 Plant Pengcheng Wei 0
MC_0000786 pHUN911-KKH-ABE Plant Pengcheng Wei 0
MC_0000787 pHUN911-KKH-eBE3 Plant Pengcheng Wei 0
MC_0000587 pKR76 Yeast Kevin Roy 0
MC_0000589 pKR291 Yeast Kevin Roy 0
MC_0000590 pKR348 Yeast Kevin Roy 0
MC_0000591 pKR194 Yeast Kevin Roy 0
MC_0000592 pKR184 Yeast Kevin Roy 0
MC_0000593 pKR185 Yeast Kevin Roy 0
MC_0000594 pKR216 Yeast Kevin Roy 0
MC_0000595 pKR340 Yeast Kevin Roy 0
MC_0000596 pKR197 Yeast Kevin Roy 0
MC_0009970 pHSB04X Lactobacillus brevis Sheng Yang 0
MC_0009973 pSETddCpf1 Streptomyces Weihong Jiang 0
MC_0009974 pSET-dCas9 Streptomyces Weihong Jiang 0
MC_0010098 pLCNICK-1628:eGFP Lactobacillus casei Sheng Yang 0
MC_0068764 pG3GB411 Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068765 pG3H-U3Ub Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068766 pG3B-U3Ub Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068767 pCBC-MT1T2.2 Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068768 pCBC-DT1T2.2 Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068769 pG3B-U6SC Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068770 pG3K-U6SC Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068771 pG3H-U6SC Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068772 pG3B-U6EC1 Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068773 pG3K-U6EC1 Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068774 pG3H-U6EC1 Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068776 pGB411 Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068778 pG411 Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068779 pBWM Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068780 pBWM0 Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068781 pBMZ Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068782 pBMW Plant Qijun Chen 0
MC_0068783 pBMW2 Plant Qijun Chen 0
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