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MolecularCloud offers a comprehensive collection of CRISPR plasmids for genome editing in E. coil, Yeast, Mammalian, Bacillus subtilis, etc. Our Cloud Scientists shared their reagents on MolecularCloud to make your research easier.

Check which CRISPR plasmid possibly relates to your research, simply LIKE it to receive it for FREE, if this plasmid is also liked by most anticipants!

MolecularCloud will launch 4 rounds of voting and give away the top 3 popular plasmids of every round to whom liked them.

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Terms and Conditions
  1. Only customers who have voted for most popular plasmids will be eligible for a free plasmid.
  2. Customer can request free plasmid by sending emails to between 12/15/2019-02/16/2020.
  3. Each account can vote for one plasmid per day, and can vote every day.
  4. Customer is responsible for shipping cost.
  5. Contact us at if you have any questions about this promotion.