Research Area

The main research focus of our group is to understand how small regulatory RNA or DNA mediates prokaryotic defense against invasion by foreign nucleic acids. The main focus of our work is to systematically demonstrate the mechanisms of 1) the CRISPR-Cas system, and 2) Argonaut (Ago) protein-mediated RNA/DNA interference. Our research in CRISPR-Cas system includes the molecular mechanism of spacer acquisition, pre-crRNA processing and RNA-guided DNA/RNA cleavage. The overall goal of our studies of the CRISPR-Cas system is to gain important insights into the structural-functional relationship of the processes prokaryotes use to fight invading nucleic acids. Our long-term goals in studying Ago protein-mediated DNA interference are to structurally characterize and mechanistically define events associated with RNA or DNA interference.

Team Description

Our team is made up of great students and research fellows. They has won a lot of Awards, for example, Cheng Zhi has won the 2020 Di Ao Scholarship and National master scholarship. You Lilan, has won the Special Award of Chinese Academy of Science and National master scholarship in 2019. Li Xueyan, has won the 2018 Outstanding Award of director of Chinese Academy of Science.

Team Members

Jiu-Yu Wang王久宇
Liang Liu刘亮
Min Wang王敏
Hui-Jing Wang王会静
Zong-Qiang Li李宗强
Mao-Lu Yin尹茂鲁
Jia-Zhi Li李佳智
Xin-Mei Li李新美
Li-Lan You尤李兰
Peng Chen陈鹏
Xue-Yan Li李雪岩
Zhi Cheng程志
Min-Xuan Chen陈敏轩

Team Show


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