Research Area

Viruses and Bacteriophage Biology. Bacteriophages and viruses are the most abundant and widely distributed “organisms” on Earth. We study bacteriophage T4, a tailed virus containing ~170-kb double stranded DNA genome, to elucidate the basic mechanisms of virus assembly, genome packaging, and infection. Our approaches are multidisciplinary, including biochemistry, molecular genetics, structure, and biophysics. We have teased out the functional motifs, determined the atomic structures, and analyzed the viral genome packaging machine at single molecule level to understand how this nanomachine works. Some of this basic knowledge is translated into platforms for vaccine delivery, gene therapy, and stem cell therapy. Our current focus is to integrate CRISPR genome editing into bacteriophage research to create new ways to design future vaccines and gene therapeutics.

Team Description

Our laboratory consists of post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, undergraduate students, and high school students working together in small teams. We also have collaborators across the country playing key roles in our research. Our team’s current focus is to develop bacteriophage T4 into a universal vaccine platform by CRISPR genome engineering that allows rapid design of multi-component vaccines against pandemics pathogens. We have designed an anthrax-plague dual vaccine that can confer protection against both the biothreats. A phage T4-COVID vaccine has been designed and successfully tested in animal models and is being transitioned to Phase 1 clinical trial. In parallel, we are developing phage T4 nanoparticles that can deliver large gene and protein cargos into human cells for genetic therapies.

Team Members

Rao, Venigalla B.
Zhu, Jingen
Ananthaswamy, Neeti
Jain, Swati
Batra, Himanshu
Wu, Xiaorong
Mourosi, Jarin T
Awe, Ayobami
Tao, Pan
Padilla-Sanchez, Victor
Tang, Wei-Chun
Alam, Tanfis I

Team Show


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