Research Area

Our research directions are metabolic engineering of industrial microorganisms such as Clostridia, Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis and yeast; protein engineering of industrial enzymes; development and application of new technologies for engineering genes, proteins, pathways and genomes. The goal for these work is to develop and optimize genetically-based bioproducts and bioprocesses.

Team Description

The team’s research focuses on metabolic engineering and genomic editing in bacteria and yeast. Our research goal is the development of synthetic biology-based biocatalysts for industrial use by providing new enabling technologies and novel designs. Our scientific objectives include 1) a more efficient enzyme production protocol and facility for synthetic chemistry, 2) more efficient microbial genome editing tools for faster construction of designer cells, and 3) building genetically defined cells to understand the mechanism behind the efficient catalytic performance of evolved biocatalysts.

Team Members

Junjie Yang
Huiqi He
Yiwen Zhang

Team Show


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