Research Area

My research focuses on the understanding of host innate immune recognition and restriction of viral infection and exploring the utility of genome editing and other technologies in eradicating and curing viral diseases including AIDS. Our main discoveries include host innate immune recognition of viral PAMP, the anti-viral activities of interferon stimulated genes (ISGs). We have also reported the utility of CRISPR/Cas genome editing system inhibiting virus replication, and the unique resistance mechanism allowing HIV to escape from CRISPR/Cas9 attack.

Team Description

I am a principle investigator at Institute of Pathogen Biology, and Center for AIDS Research, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China. Our main discoveries include host innate immune recognition of viral PAMP, the anti-viral activities of interferon stimulated genes. We have also reported the utility of CRISPR/Cas genome editing system inhibiting virus replication, and the unique resistance mechanism allowing HIV to escape from CRISPR/Cas9 attack. We believe in and strive to harness the power of host innate immune response and CRISPR/Cas genome editing technology toward the control of severe infectious diseases.

Team Members

Fengwen Xu
Shan mei
Xiaoman Liu
Fei Zhao
Yu Huang
Liang Wei
Zhangling Fan
Yamei Hu
Liming Wang

Team Show



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