Research Area

Plant genome engineering using sequence-specific nucleases (SSNs) overcomes the limitations of traditional crop improvement technologies by creating plants with novel traits through the targeted modification of plant genomes. Therefore, our research area mainly deals with developing highly efficient and robust genome editing technologies in plant cells to enable targeted genome editing as well as employing the developed platform for targeted gene mutagenesis, addition, editing and transcriptional modulation to identify and modify plants traits for high-quality, disease resistance and stress tolerance in crop species.

Team Description

The team focuses on the development and application of genome editing technology in crop improvement. They were the first to apply CRISPR/Cas9 editing technology to major food crops, and reported the first-ever CRISPR-edited plant. The team contributes greatly to crop genome editing by developing: (1) trancient exprssion of CRISPR/Cas9 DNA, RNA or protein-RNA complexes that exhibit enhanced specificity and biosafety (2) a series of base editing and prime editing systems for creating single/ several nucleotide mutations in major crops, (3) a new functional genomics tool that enhances gene translation by editing upstream open reading frames, (4) a critical evaluation of off-target editing by base editors has served to alert the worldwide genome editing community for the potential shortcomings of certain base editing methods, and (5) wheat strains with resistance to powdery mildew disease; lettuce lines with increased vitamin C content; wheat and rice with herbicide resistance traits.

Team Members

Yanpeng Wang
Kunling Chen
Rui Zhang
Yongfang Chen
Jinxing Liu
Shengxing Wang
Yuan Zong
Lu Chen
Hongchao Li
Tingdong Li
Shuai Jin
Chenxiao Xue
Qiupeng Lin
Hongyuan Fei
Zixu Zhu
Dexing Lin
Rui Ke
Chao Sun
Boshu Li
Yijing Liu
Yuan Lei
Yuxiang Wang
Yu Sun
Ronghong Liang
Xiaomin Si
Sha Chen
Fengti Qiu
Haocheng Zhu
Sinian Xing
Zhuangzhuang Chai

Team Show


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