Team members

  • Salma Abou Elhassan
  • Ahmed Ghouneimy
  • Rana Salah
  • Mina Ashraf
  • Marina Aiad
  • Kareem Kassab
  • Mohamed Hassan
  • Abdurrahman Radwan
  • Abd-Elrhmn Elsadany
  • Norhan Abdeldayem
  • Sawsan Hisham
  • Dalia El-Naggar
Team Description
AUC-EGYPT (American University in Cairo) is participating for its very first time in the iGEM 2020 competition. Twelve brilliant and aspiring undergraduate students from diverse scientific backgrounds have allied in the love of Synthetic Biology, and they are ready to tug at the iGEM world's heartstrings. This year we're working on innovative COVID-19 therapeutics. We aim to design an efficient treatment method, leading to the therapy of COVID-19 Disease.We applied the contemporary methods of Synbio through toehold switches loaded with siRNA-targeting the replicase mRNA of SARS-CoV-2 to inhibit the virus replication cycle, which are then combined to be delivered with the aid of the Virus-Like Particle (VLP) system.