Phocus: TU Delft 2020 iGEM

Team members

  • Alicia Rodríguez Molina
  • Eline Doornenbal
  • Fiona Horne
  • Gabriela van Leersum
  • Iris Forkink
  • Javier Navarro Delgado
  • Maartje Spaans
  • Nicholas Bowring
  • Ramon van Valderen
  • Shikha Sebastian
  • Willem van Holthe
Team Description
We are 11 motivated students dedicating six months of our time to working on Phocus. We aim to tackle the recurring locust crisis. Locusts destroy hundreds of square kilometers of vegetation every year – doing immeasurable damage to food security in some of the most unstable regions in the world. Our team intends to use synthetic biology to create a targeted bacteriophage-based biopesticide that can be used as a tool to regulate the locust population. We would like your support, vote for us! Find out more about us on www.igemtudelft.nl/