UPCH_Peru Crioprot iGEM

Team members

  • Jesús Durand Calle
  • María Isabel Ruiz Ruiz
  • Diego Benites Tan
  • Oswaldo Lescano Osorio
  • Rubén Velásquez Arbieto
  • Ingrid Alarcón Ancajima
  • Cristopher Polanco Infanzón
  • Matías Rojas Montero
  • María Teresa Castromonte Albinagorta
  • María Carolina Ortiz Cáceres
  • Valeria Villar Dávila
  • Nicolás Arias Vaccari
  • Daniel Guerra Giraldez, PhD
Team Description
Meet the young and creative members of the new iGem2020 multidisciplinary team! We are currently developing an antifreeze product focused on diminishing the effects of frost on crops. This project will have a great impact in the agriculture of the Peruvian Andes. We hope we can show this concept to the world in the upcoming Virtual Giant Jamboree this year. Meet Crioprot!