iGem_IISER_Berhampur iGEM

Team members

  • Chitrak Bhowmik
  • Deepjyoti Satpathy
  • Sukanya Chakraborty
  • Harish Kumar Senapati
  • Tanishta Bhattacharya
  • Vinayak S.
  • Gyanaranjan Parida
  • Sudev Pradhan
  • Kingkini Roychoudhury
  • Neehar Verma
  • Sayantani Biswas
  • U Abinash Patro
  • Prachiti Vijay Vithole
  • Gokul Madhav
  • Gokul Bhaskaran
Team Description
The IISER Berhampur iGEM team for 2020 is a group of undergraduate students hailing from diverse disciplines. This year marks our maiden attempt in participating in this competition. We aim to formulate an intervention strategy for Dengue Virus by combining mathematical modelling, in silico analysis and chemical biology. The essence is to design an efficacious reporter system to implement our strategy as possible therapeutics that may spark further research to combat this dreaded disease.