IIT Kharagpur iGEM

Team members

  • Piyush Nanda
  • Adarsh Singh
  • Deepak Kumar
  • Sounak Saha
  • Tanmay Verma
  • Arpita Sahoo
  • Bora Arvind Reddy
  • Shreyansh Rai
  • Lavish Singhal
  • Anirudh Mantri
  • K Jaikrishna
  • Pradipti Thakur
  • Karan Singh
  • Ananyaa Welling
  • Aaditya Narayan Saxena
  • Praveenya
  • Tanvi Garg
Team Description
iGEM IIT Kharagpur team-2020 comprises of a group of high spirited undergraduates united by their enthusiasm for science. Our project aims to develop a nucleic acid detection platform for point-of-care disease identification leveraging CRISPR dCas9 system, explicitly targeting COVID-19 biomarkers using a synthetic biology approach. Our method shall overcome the challenges of the existing techniques for clinical diagnosis, decreasing the cost and time required to carry out the diagnosis.