iBowu-China2020 iGEM

Team members

  • Mingfei Xia
  • Mika Yokota
  • Qixuan Zhong
  • Xinyue Fang
  • Maidou Wang
  • Dinuo Wang
  • Jiaqi Tang
  • Zian Liu
  • Jiaxuan Mao
  • Angela Ronnan Zheng
  • Qiling Geng
  • Zhangcheng Ji
  • Shuyang Wei
  • Yaxuan Wei
  • Wenjing Zhang
  • Zimu Guan
  • Yingxin Liu
  • Kaiyuan Du
  • Yifei Zhang
  • Yuxuan Lyu
Team Description
We are iBowu-China2020, a high-school team from China. Our project is about delivering magnetic protein crystals to lung cancer cells with the aid of EGFR-binding ligand peptides and conducting targeted hyperthermia by heating up the protein crystals with alternating magnetic field. We are in need of funds for running activities in the Human Practices area as well as purchasing materials essential for the experiments. Please remember us when you cast your vote. We are grateful for your support!