Montreal Concordia iGEM

Team members

  • Hajar El Mouddene
  • Lancia Lefebvre
  • Paula Andrea Gomez Zea
  • Francesco Alberga
  • Gabriel Aguiar-Tawil
  • Maher Hassanain
  • Natasha Letourneau
  • Samman Zaman
  • Benjamin Clark
  • Evelyn Huaman
  • Stephen Haney Hernandez
  • Brian James Baxter
  • Asif Iqbal
  • Khashayar Zardoui
Team Description
We are 14 undergrads with backgrounds in biochem, cell & molecular biology, biology, bioengineering, computer engineering, sustainability studies, finance, behavioral neurobiology, and fine arts. Our iGEM predecessors won silver, bronze, & gold medals. This year, we are developing a space-compatible biomanufacturing microorganism to advance outer space exploration. Our project begins with the creation of an open source database / web application compiling microgravity-induced changes in gene expression in S. Cerevisiae and other model organisms. The database is a selection guide for the design of our microgravity-induced stress reporter strains. Candidate reporter strains will be tested and characterized in simulated microgravity conditions. Selected reporter strains will serve as a control for the design of S. cerevisiae strains that are resistant to microgravity-induced stress. Our resistant strains will have the potential for diverse applications in space including the continuous biomanufacturing of biofuels, drugs, fresh foods, and biomaterials.