iGEM Nantes 2020 iGEM

Team members

  • Tiphaine Chapeau
  • Owein Thuillier
  • Jonathan Dheilly
  • Christelle Ravonjiarivelo
  • Sacha Guillet
  • Vanessa Paris
  • Axel Codault
  • Caroline Le Gal
  • Marie Esnard
  • Natali Gospodinova
  • Mylène Sorin
  • Antoine Bochet
  • Thomas Morand
  • Sahra Karzazi
  • Mehdi Kheroufi
  • Lucie Gillet
  • Antoine Guyot
Team Description
We are the proud successors of the first iGEM Nantes team in France. We are 17 passionate and highly motivated students ready to do anything in order to win the gold medal. Our team aims to solve a major local problem: green tides. Our goal? To develop a biological machine capable of attacking algae in order to limit the emission of hydrogen sulfide, a toxic gas lethal for a wide variety of organisms, including humans. Follow us on our Social Media for more information !