University of Rochester iGEM

Team members

  • Yuxin (Ethan) Chen
  • Hanwen (Nello) Gu
  • Linh Hoang
  • Gabe Isaacson
  • Emily Laskey
  • Isabel Lopez-Molini
  • Meghan Martin
  • Emily Schiller
  • Helen Shammas
  • Heather Shi
  • Jinghong (James) Tang
  • Zivile Vebraite
Team Description
We are a first-year iGEM team from the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. Our team is aiming to find new methods for the detection of endometriosis, a painful disease that affects an estimated 10% of women, with most of them experiencing symptoms without diagnosis for years. Our team would seek to replace the current invasive diagnostic methods with a cheap, fast, and non-invasive series of tests using synthetic biology and modeling. Follow us on social media! - instagram: @ur.igem.2020 - facebook: University of Rochester iGEM 2020 - twitter: @ur_igem