Team members

  • Prerita Chawla
  • Rohan Dandavate
  • Shashaank G
  • Harinarayanan Kottala
  • Raibat Sarker
  • Sebin Abraham
  • Priya Sharma
  • Ruchir Gupta
  • Samuel Mondal
  • Rishana Farin
  • Prajwal V. Bharadwaj
  • Archit Devarajan
  • Kedar Bhosale
Team Description
We are a group of undergrads from diverse academic backgrounds ranging from biology, chemistry to economics. United by our love for Synbio and iGEM. This is our 3rd iGEM team. With bronze in the 1st year, silver in the 2nd, ya know where we\'re going. This year our project aims to create an inexpensive and non-invasive therapy for diabetes. Our solution is a simple probiotic pill that is going to help regulate insulin levels by transforming gut cells into pancreatic cells!