Tel Aviv University (TAU) iGEM team 2020 iGEM

Team members

  • Hadar Benshoshan
  • Niv Amitay
  • Einav Saadia
  • David kenigsberger
  • Itamar Menuhin
  • Noa Kraicer
  • Bar Glickstein
  • Omer Edgar
  • Doron Naky
  • Itai Katzir
  • Matan Arbel
  • Karin Sionov
  • Prof. Tamir Tuller
Team Description
We are the iGEM 2020 team from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. We are a group of 12 excellent students – chosen from the faculties of Engineering, Biology, Medicine, and Computer Science to represent Tel-Aviv University. A unifying challenge for most applications in the field of Synthetic Biology is the presence of strong selective pressure that will lead to an unstable evolutionary genetic construct that will undeniably cease to work in a short period. This predicament is hindering any major advances in biosynthetic engineering, or more importantly, its implementation. Currently, we are working on a project in which we are trying to construct an evolutionary stable genetic circuit. We are planning to use an already known data about essential proteins and write software which is able to determine which essential protein we should fuse to any target gene we desire, in order to increase in the evolutionary stability and also the amount of protein manufactured in the cell at any time.