Team members

  • Silvio Salvatore Bonni
  • Linnéa Saga Björnör
  • Eva Thielecke
  • Larissa Markus
  • Daria Shumkova
  • Cyrille Sébert
  • Rafaella Kosta
  • Juliette Marie Passariello Jansen
  • Lars Robeerst
  • Maxime van de Schoot
  • Ronja Haikarainen
  • Marta Rubina
  • Lianne Granston
  • Dr. Erik Steen Redeker (Supervisor)
  • Benjamin Heidt (Supervisor)
Team Description
We are a team of 13 aspiring undergraduates from the Maastricht Science Programme of Maastricht University. Once a year the poisonous Oak Processionary Caterpillar emerges and affects hundreds of thousands of people in the Netherlands alone. As current methods are often costly, non-specific and/or ineffective, our aim is to combat this by genetically engineering a bacterial pesticide specific for the Oak Processionary Caterpillar, without harming other insects/wildlife. Has your curiosity been sparked? Please do contact us and let us know if you are interested in supporting us at msp-igem@maastrichtuniversity.nl. Visit our social media to meet the team and follow our daily adventures in the lab/office.