iGEM IISER-Tirupati iGEM

Team members

  • Ved Mahajan
  • Amogh Desai
  • Uddeshya Pandey
  • Tejas Borkar
  • Shubhrika Jain
  • Omkar Mohapatra
  • Purva Naik
  • R Raajalakshmi
  • Purva Damale
  • Srividya Vyjayanthi T
  • Yogeshwari Kshirsagar
  • Abhinaba Mazumder
Team Description
We are a team of 12 undergraduates from IISER Tirupati. With the very first team from our institute winning a gold, our team marks the second year of our institute\'s participation in iGEM. Our team has students from diverse academic backgrounds united by a shared passion for synthetic biology. This year we plan to use bacteria limit the excess efflux of antibiotics in the environment so that no more resistant and tolerant mutants are formed by degrading the excess antibiotics being released.