Frequently Asked Questions: Ordering

1. How do I place an order online?
  • Add your selected plasmids to your cart.

  • Provide your Institute’s Tech Transfer/Legal/Contract’s Office information for the Material Transfer Agreements.

  • Plasmids saved to your cart can be ordered by proceeding to the checkout process.

  • You must log in or create an account to go through the checkout process.

  • Payment and shipping information will need to be provided when linked over to the Ordering System.

  • If you are paying with a purchase order you can download a copy of the quotation. You will have to fax or send us an electronic copy of the PO to process your order.

  • Your plasmids will be shipped out once the material transfer documents are signed by your institute.

2. Where can I find my previous orders?

You can view your previous orders from "Order History" under "My Account", which is accessible when you are signed in. By a simple click, you will be routed to the order history page.

3. Can you accept orders by fax, phone or email?

Currently orders can only be processed through our online deposit form. If you’ve received a quotation through our online order submission you can pay for it over the phone or by faxing/emailing the purchase order.

4. How much do plasmids cost?

Our default fees are currently $65 per plasmid when requesting another researchers’ materials. Ordering your own deposited plasmids costs $5 per plasmid. If the quantity of plasmid requested is changed, the price will then reflect these changes.

5. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card, purchase order (PO) or wire transfer payments. If paying with a purchase order, a copy of the PO must be sent to us at with the quote number referenced on the document.

6. Why do I need a material transfer agreement (MTA) to request plasmids?

Our plasmids are deposited under the terms of the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA). We are required to have a MTA signed by the requestor’s institute.

7. Can I purchase these plasmids if I work for a for-profit entity?

We can only distribute materials to non-profit and academic institutes. Any requests by commercial organizations require permission from the depositing institute. If you are working for a for-profit entity and wish to request materials, please send an email to so that we can send your request to the depositing institute.

8. When will my order ship?

Once we receive all the signed material transfer documents (MTA) from the depositing institute, your order will be shipped.

9. How are your plasmids shipped?

Our plasmids are shipped in lyophilized DNA form, with 4 μg as the default amount (1 μg for low-copy plasmid).

10. Can I order plasmids as a distributor?

Since our plasmids are available to academic and non-profit end users, we cannot sell them through a third-party distributor.

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