Frequently Asked Questions: Messaging

1. Do I need an account to post a comment on a plasmid page?

An account is not needed when viewing a plasmid page. You would need to create a MolecularCloud account when posting a comment on any plasmid page.

2. How can I check all of my messaging and commenting history?

All of your messaging history and updates can be tracked within the Management Center under My Messages. Here you can view and track all messages from...

  • Your deposited plasmid(s) pages.

  • All other plasmid pages within the repository.

3. Can I post a comment on my own deposited plasmid(s)?

Yes, you can post both comments and replies on your deposited plasmid pages. To view all these updates, simply navigate to your Management Center under My Plasmids Feed.(My Messages > My Plasmids Feed).

4. Somebody replied to my comment. How can I view it and send a reply?

All new messages will appear as Notifications . From here you can view these messages within the Management Center under My Messages.

  • If the reply is about a comment posted on your deposited plasmid page

    Navigate to (My Messages > My Plasmids Feed)

  • If the reply is about a comment posted on any other plasmid page within the repository

    Navigate to (My Messages > My MolecularCloud Feed)

5. What do the and icons mean?

Whenever you see a post that is of interest, you can Like/Un-like the comment by clicking the icon.

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