Frequently Asked Questions: Management Center

1. What is the Management Center?

The Management Center provides users with the ability to track, update, all of their activity on the MolecularCloud.

2. What can I do within the Management Center?
  • You can view and track all the plasmids you deposited and favorited, even the ability to share/un-share the ones you have deposited.

  • View all of your social activity from the messages posted on your plasmids, other plasmids, even track all updates on plasmids you’ve favorited.

3. Do I need to create an account to use the Management Center?

Yes, to access the Management Center, you would need or GenScript account to login. This can be done by clicking on the Login/Register on the Navigation Bar, where you can login or create a new account.

1. Where can I check on the status of my plasmids after depositing them?

Under My Plasmids, you can check the status of your plasmid deposits after completing the online Depositing form. The statuses include...

  • Submitted: your deposit inquiry has been successfully submitted.

  • MTA: this reflects the time during MTA negotiations until after your institution’s Tech Transfer, Legal, or Contracts Office have signed the document and it is received at the MolecularCloud.

  • Received: MolecularCloud has received your plasmid(s).

  • Quality Control: your plasmid has been received and is currently undergoing sequencing and QC.

  • Completed: the deposited plasmid(s) has finished QC and is posted onto the public repository.

2. Why can’t I share all my plasmids?

Only plasmids with the Completed status can be shared as all the related processing steps have finished.

3. How can I share/un-share my plasmids from the repository?

Under My Plasmids, simply click the toggle switch under Share/Un-share. This will remove or relist the plasmids from the public repository.

4. Could I modify my plasmids after depositing them?

Yes, this can be done by simply clicking “Edit” button on the plasmid description page. You are then routed to the design tool GenSmartTM Design tool where you can modify your plasmid.

1. Where can I view plasmids that I Favorite within the repository?

Once you favorite a plasmid on its listing page, you will be able to see it under My Favorites.

2. Can I modify my favorited plasmids?

Yes, you can modify any plasmid by simply clicking the “Edit in GenSmart Design” button on the plasmid description page, where this will then take you to GenSmartTM Design to perform any modification.

3. Could I remove a plasmid from my Favorited List?

Yes, any plasmid you would like to remove from this list can be done by simply clicking the Remove button.

1. How can I post a reply to any message or comment that I receive?

New notifications regarding messages and posts will have a and will be displayed under the My Messages. You can reply by simply clicking to be routed to the Comments section.

2. What does the icon mean?

When submitting a deposit, you will need the following information:

  • (coming soon) are MolecularCloud Medals awarded to deposited plasmids whenever a user cites or recognizes the plasmid within their research. This can be done on the plasmid page. The icons appear next to the plasmids you’ve awarded these medals to.

3. Somebody just commented and recognized my deposited plasmid. Where can I view this notification?

All posts, replies, and social activity on your deposited plasmids can be viewed on the “My Plasmids Feed" tab under My Messages.

4. Somebody responded to my one of my comments on a plasmid page. Where can I view this reply?

Any responses on any of your posts and replies made on other or favorited plasmid pages within the MolecularCloud can be viewed under the “My MolecularCloud Feed" tab.

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