Frequently Asked Questions: Digital Sequences

Digital Sequences
Digital Sequences
1. What are digital sequences?

Digital sequences are the plasmid sequences (either partial or full) shared onto the repository. Users can send requests to receive the physical plasmid. Full sequences can be modified using GenSmart Design Tool.

*All shared sequences are listed along with the related publication.

2. Why share my plasmid sequences?

Digital sequences is an expedient method to share your research to the scientific community while giving attribution to the original provider (Depositor). Digital sequences make research materials more accessible to researchers around, only needing an active internet connection.

3. How can I share my digital sequences?

Sequences can be shared onto the MolecularCloud using the following steps below…

4. How can scientists request the physical plasmid of the digital sequence?

Users have the option to send a request by clicking the “Send Request” button under the Ordering Panel on the Sequence’s page. These requests are then sent to the MolecularCloud team. We will then work to contact the depositor for the physical copy of the plasmid.

5. If I have the physical copy of the plasmid, could I deposit it onto the repository?

Yes, you can share the digital sequence first, and then work to deposit the physical plasmid later.

6. How can I “Claim” the ownership of the digital sequence?

Owners can claim the ownership of the digital sequence by simply clicking on the “Claim” button on the Sequence’s webpage. The MolecularCloud team will then work to assist with the remaining steps moving forwards..

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