GenSmartTM DNA Construct Design Tool

GenSmartTM Design is a free DNA construct design tool that is based on a part-driven design and relies on an advanced algorithm capable of integrating all cloning criteria with molecular biology databases. Through an easy drag-and-drop feature, built-in cloning strategies and access to libraries of massive vectors and parts, GenSmartTM Design allows researchers to design, annotate and edit any DNA construct.

This powerful DNA construct design tool enables any user, regardless of their area of research or level of expertise, to get off to a quick start in DNA construct design. That’s why we incorporated this tool in MolecularCloud™ Plasmid Repository System so you can easily visualize your plasmid map.

Watch these 10-second animations to see how easy it is to design your DNA construct with GenSmartTM Design.
  • Insertion
  • Fusion
  • Replacement
Insert TP53 into the Hind III site
Fuse GFP to the C-terminus of TP53
Replace TP53 with IL12B

Reasons to Choose GenSmartTM DNA Construct Design

  • No installation, no license fee

  • Automatic identification and annotation of functional elements, like promoter, terminator, enhancer, etc.

  • Free plasmid map for your designed DNA construct

  • Automatic error-checking for your DNA construct in all steps of the design process

  • Free access to massive databases: 10000+ frequently-used parts, commercial vectors and public database