Cloud Scientist Award Program

In 2019, MolecularCloud team officially launched the Cloud Scientist Program, aiming to increase the visibility, enhance the impact of scientific achievement and furtherly accelerate innovation in biology. In only 6 months, over 300 researchers joined this program. It’s remarkable that Dr. Nathan Hillson and Dr. Feng Shao won Distinguished Research Cloud Scientist Award and Social Impact Cloud Scientist Award, respectively, for 2019 the most popular scientists online competition at MolecularCloud.

To benefit more researchers, we are upgrading our Cloud Scientist Award Program to thoroughly present their scientific achievements, sharing their scientific ideas and reusable biological materials onto MolecularCloud. By deploying MolecularCloud promotion activities, it can help increase their global visibility. In addition, MolecularCloud platform will issue exclusive coupons to Cloud Scientists monthly and yearly.

MolecularCloud team will proactively invite scientists globally from different research areas to join the Cloud Scientist Award Program, and meanwhile our existing Cloud Scientists can also recommend other scientists to join the program to enjoy the exclusive benefits.

Cloud Scientist Newsletter

Dr. Changhao Bi
Dr. Changhao Bi
Dr. Sheng Yang
Morgan Freney
Dr. Pengcheng Wei
Dr. Jeffrey Cirillo
Dr. Shuo Huang
Dr. Qijun Chen
Dr. Shuo Huang

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